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About the Hospital

Samara Clinical Ophthalmic Eroshevsky Hospital


Samara Clinical Ophthalmic Hospital named after T.I. Eroshevsky provides its patients with a whole complex of medical services in eyesight correction, cataract surgery, glaucoma, laser treatment of retina pathology. Consultations and examinations with the use of novel technologies meeting the highest safety and quality standards are offered to patients of all ages suffering from various kinds of eye diseases.


High level of treatment in our clinic gives all the patients the opportunity to obtain fully and easily an access to the novel developments of modern medicine.


In the Eroshevsky Hospital the first time in Russia a unique method of retina disease treatment has been introduced a photodynamic therapy which allows to prevent patients considered incurable in the past from blindness. After Samara this method has become available in clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the similar high level a surgery of retina diseases and vitreous body is provided. Hospital ophthalmologists implement the newest plastic materials in their practice.


In the Department of refractional microsurgery an eyesight correction at 10-14 dioptres myopia and plus five long sight is provided. Developed and successfully applied in the hospital a pioneer method of laser eyesight correction MAGEK significantly reduce the risk of complications and has a more comfortable postoperative period (practically painless with the opportunity to see with an operated eye immediately after surgery). For 4 years after the MAGEK technique had been developed nearly two thousand operations have been performed.


The number of patients who need a reintervention suggests that the method is safe and effective. At this method the number of reinterventions is 0.23%, at FRC 5-7%, at LASIC up to 12%! If patients went abroad for proper treatment before they now more often address Samara ophthalmologists because it is in our clinic that it has become possible to make a production line with this technique.


Cataract surgery in the Eroshevsky Hospital is performed with the use of the best crystalline lens from the leading international firms and newest technologies. The Eroshevsky Hospital is the only ophthalmic clinic in Russia where one of the latest developments of the firm OPTIKON 2000 the leading provider of ophthalmologic equipment has been introduced. Application of the high-precision apparatus Pulsar-2 has put a non-invasive cataract surgery on the higher quality level.


Older population of the Samara Region receives here necessary cataract surgery within the framework of the OMI program.


The School named after Tikhon Ivanovich Eroshevsky is the basis of many developments in the Hospital because it has brought up several generations of doctors. Scientific workers of the Hospital are aimed at solving of the most urgent problems in ophthalmology.  Thus a mathematic model of glaucoma treatment has been developed and successfully implemented into medical practice of the Samara region. 


One of the latest developments of our specialists a technology of donor tissue conservation has obtained recognition of the European colleagues. A unique organic material Flexamer preventing tissue from rejection after surgery has become a result of the research as well.







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