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Services and prices

The Samara Clinical ophthalmologic T.I. Eroshevsky hospital can offer any kind of eye diagnostics with the use of new apparatus and the latest scientific achievements as well as any help at traumas, eye burns, cataract, glaucoma, myopia, retinal dystrophy and other congenital and acquired eye diseases both in adults and children.

Techniques successfully applied for the treatment are not only surgical but are also pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical including glasses and contact lens.

  • Outpatient services within the framework of voluntary medical insurance (VMI )
  • Privately reimbursed services
  • How to make an appointment
  • Rules of hospitalization
  • Cataract. The Samara region population
  • Cataract. Other population
  • The list of doctors of the Samara Clinical ophthalmologic T.I. Eroshevsky hospital who provide consultative and therapeutic activities



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