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Regional Clinical Ophthalmic Hospital was founded in Kuibyshev city in 1963 at an initiative and with participation of the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Professor Tikhon Eroshevsky. It became the first multi-profile ophthalmologic clinic in the country.


Since that in the Hospital:

        the first in Russia specialized children s ophthalmologic department has been opened

        a laboratory of contact eyesight correction has been set up on the hospital basis as one of the first in the country

        the first in the country eye bank has been organized; a unique organic material Flexamer preventing tissue from rejection after surgery has been developed as a result of research on the donor blood conservation technology;

        Samara regional glaucoma centre has been set up;

        an interregional laser center has been opened with the first in Russia exciplex laser of the 3d generation;

        noninvasive glaucoma surgery has been practiced; a new concept of eye drainage zone histotopography  developed;

        ultrasound cataract surgery has been implemented;

        a concept of non-invasive and out-patient cataract surgery has been put into practice;

        high-end vitreous-retinal surgery;

        the most efficient technique of retina diseases treatment a photodynamic therapy has been introduced the first time in Russia;

        a method of exciplex-laser eyesight correction  MAGEK has been developed;

        modern plastic materials on the basis of amniotic membrane have been implemented; 

        keratoplasty surgery technique has been applied.


New forms of work have been developed:

  • a day-care unit;
  • a mobile ophthalmic-surgical team;
  • consultation methodological centers ( glaucoma, diabetes, cataract, myopia, etc.)

Development of material basis and scientific potential in the Hospital allows to serve patients not only from the Samara region but from other regions and from abroad as well.




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