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Rules of Hospitalization

List of analyses for hospitalization to the T.I. Eroshevsky Hospital


For the adults:

1)      HBS antigen, RW, HIV

2)      a therapist s conclusion that there are no contra-indication to the surgery

3)      a dentists conclusion about oral cavity sanation

4)      an endocrinologists conclusion in case of diabetes

5)      general blood test (fibrillation, blood group, Rhesus-factor)

6)      general urine test

7)      ENT doctors conclusion

8)      KKF of the chest

9)      an oncologists conclusion


For a child:

1)      clinical blood test ( number of platelets, time of fibrillation and bleeding)

2)      general urine test

3)      excrement analysis for worm ovums

4)       bacteriologic excrement analysis on the intestine group

5)      diphtheria analysis

6)      chest X-ray

7)      conclusions of a pediatrician, dentist, ENT, psycho-neurologist

8)      conclusion of a district pediatrician about infection diseases in the past

9)      conclusion of the sanitary inspection about lack of the childs contacts with inflectional patients for 21 days. The conclusion ia valid for 3 days

10)  at congenital eye and orbital pathology (cataract, glaucoma, infectious diseases, retinoblastoma, orbital tumors) it is necessary for mother and child to be examined on the chronicle infections (toxoplasmosis, TB, syphilis).

11)   mother who takes care of her child in a word must have results of examinations (a dermatologist-venerologist conclusion, chest X-ray, bacteriologic excrement analysis for intestine group)

12)  at congenital eye pathology and when very young children are ill, it is necessary to have information on the mothers pregnancy and delivery


Validity of analyses and examinations:



Analyses and examinations

Terms of validity (children)

Terms of validity (adults)



Clinical blood test


10 days


10 days




Platelets and coagulogram


10 days


10 days




General urine test


10 days


10 days




Blood glucose (at diabetes)


at the operation day with indications


10 days






3 months


3 months




Biochemical data


10 days


10 days




General urine test

Another test before the operation

10 days


2 weeks






90 days


90 days




Chest X-ray


6 months


6 months




Rh-factor, blood group


no time-limit


no time-limit




Conclusion of a pediatrician, therapeutist and other specialists


20 days


20 days




For hospitalization it is necessary to have passport or birth certificate.


To have from home: pajamas, slippers, things of personal hygiene.



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